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Boys Town Federal Credit Union

Checking Program


Checking Accounts

Some financial institutions boast that they have the best free checking account in town. With a closer look, these �FREE� or best deal checking accounts require a high minimum balance or pay no interest. The Credit Union offers a checking account tailored to meet our member�s needs. With no minimum balance, no per check charge and no deposit item charge, the monthly service fee of $3.00 is nominal. You can also qualify to earn a dividend on your checking account by maintaining a $50.00 balance in your account. Checking account statements are sent to you monthly. You will not receive your cancelled checks, but upon request, a photocopy is available for a nominal fee.

Payroll Deduction and direct deposit are available to most members. A cash withdrawal limit increases to $300.00 per account per day when maintaining a checking account. Automatic transfers from your savings account to your checking account to pay outstanding checks has a low fee of just $1.00 per transaction, or give us a call ahead of time, and the transfer is free!

Overdraft protection is available with most checking accounts. Upon completion and approval of this simple form, you can enjoy a line of credit limit that will provide a safety net for your account.

CuCheck Card

Our new check card is available! With a check card there is no need to carry a checkbook everywhere you go; no need to take the time to write a check; no need to worry about providing several pieces of identification for a merchant to accept your check. Your Check card is accepted wherever VISA is accepted. Use it to purchase gas, pay for merchandise, entertainment, at the grocery store, to access CASH, and much more.

Instead of getting monthly bills, the amount of your purchase and cash withdrawals are automatically deducted from your checking account. A description of your transaction appears on your monthly statement. All of your purchases are FREE from transaction fees. Transactions conducted at ATM machines, or where you need to provide your PIN number, are merely $2.00 per transaction. Boys Town Federal Credit Union