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Boys Town Federal Credit Union

Savings Program

Regular Savings

Regular savings is an account that allows for daily deposits or withdrawals through the Credit Union Office or by mail. To start an account, simply complete a membership card and deposit at least $6.00 in to your account. $5.00 will be a minimum balance required to keep the account open while $1.00 is a one-time membership fee. A minimum $50.00 balance must be kept in your account throughout the month to earn dividends. Monthly dividends are credited to your account on the first of the month based on the average daily balance. You are able to withdraw $100.00 in cash per day. If you choose to withdraw more than the cash limit, a check will be issued to you.

Automatic payroll deductions and direct deposits are available to most members, to help you establish and develop a regular savings plan. A regular savings account must be maintained to use other Credit Union products and services. Savings account statements are sent to you on a quarterly basis. 

Christmas Club Savings

Christmas Club accounts are available through the Credit Union and provide a regular means of saving for a specific purpose. Christmas Club accounts begin on November 1st each year and end on October 31st of the following year. On November 1st of each year, a dividend will be paid on the account based on the average daily balance of the account throughout the year. After the dividend is posted, all Christmas Club accounts are closed and a check is issued to all members of this club for the balance of the account. Checks are distributed during the second week of November for the prior year. Early withdrawal from the account is permitted, but the entire balance of the account must be withdrawn to close the account and a dividend will be forfeited. Signup for the Christmas Club accounts is generally between September 15th through October 15th each year.

Share Certificate Accounts

Share Certificates are available with a minimum deposit of $1000.00. You may invest the funds in a 6 or 12-month certificate. Dividends are compounded monthly and are paid at the end of the term. Early withdrawal from the account is permitted, but the dividend will be forfeited. The certificate will not automatically be renewed. At the end of the term, the total balance of the certificate will transfer back to your regular savings account. Boys Town Federal Credit Union